Ballroom Dance Teacher Training

BDTA - Ballroom Dance Teacher's Academy

Have a passion for dance and teaching dance? Can’t stay still when you hear the music? Want to become a certified dance instructor and learn over 3,000 different dance steps in 17 different Ballroom and Latin dances?

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Getting Started Ballroom, Latin Dancing

Best Studio for Ballroom Dance Instruction

Ready to start Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing? Find out why you should choose EuroRhythm, 2008 & 2009 Best Dance Studio for Ballroom Instruction in Scottsdale. Serving the Phoenix area for beginners to advanced, social dancing, and competitive dancing. Customized private dance lessons, group lessons, workshops and more.

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Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding Dance Program

For those in the early planning stages to those who have chosen the perfect playlist, Eurorhythm offers customized Wedding Dance Programs for the bride and groom, parents or entire wedding party, tailored to fit your needs for this special occasion.

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Youth Dance Program, Kids Dance Lessons

Youth & Kids Dance Programs

There are many benefits of ballroom dancing for children. Social benefits include improved communication skills and increased self-confidence. Physical benefits include increased energy and improved coordination. Cognitive benefits include increased attentiveness and improved creativity in problem solving.

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